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The Wallkill Valley Swim Conference is a summer recreational program that is committed to the development of the enjoyment of swimming while teaching responsibility, camaraderie, sportsmanship with respect for teammates and opponents, and establishing a positive attitude towards competition. Summer recreational swimming is defined as a program to encourage children to swim for self-improvement, to establish a team identity and philosophy, and to develop a love for a sport that could benefit them in the future. Coaches, parents, and swimmers are to view competition with a positive attitude whether the team or individual is victorious or not. These are children and we want them to gain from this summer recreational program is team spirit, self-worth, and a positive attitude about themselves, others, and competition.

Current teams include: Ogdensburg Otters, Lake Tranquility Thunderbolts, Lake Lackawanna, Culver Lake White-Caps, Forest Lakes, Lake Tamarack Torpedos, Lake Stockholm Dolphins, Cliffwood Lake Red Waves, Newton Sharks, Sussex County Y Swordfish, Kittatinny Barracudas.


Parents' Corner

Commonly Asked Questions

WVSC Board Officers

George Soutter (Kittatinny), President

Bob Guth (Tranquility), Vice President

Stephen Kronski (Tamarack), Treasurer

Alicia Berg (Forest), Secretary

Click on links below to download:

WVSC By-Laws

Kittatinny Time Trials sign-up form


Coaches' Corner

MM Cheat Sheet

HyTek MM Template directions:

  • Templates only work w MM 3.0 and above
  • Right Click on link and "save link as" to your computer c:/swmeets3
  • Open MM and select File, Open, and find the file on your computer
  • Championship Standards are embedded in the file. These can be checked to show on Heat Sheets (Meet Program) and Results reports.
  • Name file 2017 Team v Team
  • All templates are set up for YARDS; Sites with METERS should change course in Meet Setup menu. 
  • All templates are set up for 5 lanes; for others, in MM go to Set-up/Options/Change Lanes To __
  • If both teams agree, the events may be modified.
  • Please report any problems via email to gsoutter@krhs.net